The Krew

The LHK is a group of talented individuals that have been around since 1997. It began with DJ’s Spin and IvyTron and their name “The Latin House Krew” originated on a Dallas community radio station, KNON 89.3. It was two Latin guys coming together with a love of house music. In time, Spin and Ivy decided to expand and bring on another DJ that possessed the same passion and energy that they did. Phinatik became the 3rd member and Inzo followed a short time after, making them even stronger than they were before. Together, these individuals had but one common goal, to spread the music and move the masses by “rocking the decks” and mixing/remixing music.

Their talents extend far from the norm or “average” DJ. Radio mixer’s heard locally and around the country, club DJ’s for some of the best clubs in DFW and other part of the US, as well as Internationally. They have dj’ed alongside some of the most talented artists such as: Lady Gaga, Grammy nominated Lil Flip, Aphrodite, DJ Skribble, DJ Rap, Baby Anne, DJ Enrie, Hybrid, RUN DMC, Krafty Kutz, Grammy award winning Play and Skillz, The Warp Bros,
Richard Vission and many many more.

Apart from the radio and club worlds, they are also talented and innovative producers
bringing their own individual styles together to collaborate amazing work. Together Spin and IvyTron put out over 8 LP’s (“Bass Junkies”), numerous CD’s that include the popular, “Live from the Red Jacket”, “2 Bad Mice” and more. Whether individually or collaborated on, they have successfully remixed some of the hottest tracks, which were played from Dallas to Florida to L.A., and all the way to Spain and Japan.

Although their hearts lie in electronica, what sets these DJ’s apart is the ability to blend a beat from Top 40 to Hip Hop to Rock and just about every genre you can think of, without missing a beat. Consider them the “jack of all trade” DJ’s. That being said, they continue to grow with technology and push the limits becoming prolific in Serato, Ableton, Pro-Tools, Vinyl Cuts, and much more. While keeping up with today’s technology is a full time job, they remain true to their good friends- the turntables while adding the new age technology with true form, making them a force to be reckoned with.

Some years ago, DJ Phinatik left The LHK to pursue other endeavors, leaving the once group of 4 down to 3. Together the 3 forged on and continued with the passion in true LHK fashion.

Currently The LHK is back in the studio not only remixing but producing original tracks, as well as collaborating with some major names in the game! So be on the lookout for exclusive remixes and original production to come from the LHK!

Together and individually, The LHK have been main contenders and finalist in major DJ
competitions such as Lights All Night, Dallas Observer, King of The Streets, and many other online DJ competitions, making their name very known. Just recently, The LHK became official mixers for top 40 station KHKS 106.1 KISS FM, which has been the number #1 station in Dallas and one of the top stations in the country, years and counting.

It was decided that The LHK once again would be a group of 4, and DJ Sarah Battle became the first female DJ to join The LHK. She not only shared the same passion and drive for the music, but her talents were just what The LHK had been looking for to continue on with The LHK mission.

Make no mistake. These DJ’s are far from done. With their remarkable talents, be prepared to be blown away.